You don’t need to wait for years to make saving to buy a house. Find the house most suitable for you in the city you wish to live and buy that house by installments without paying interest or down payment.

In Finansevim, you can buy any house with promissory note in other cities for the purpose of investment. Let’s view the stages of buying a house with promissory note in Finansevim, the simplest and safest way of becoming a property owner.Bank loans have many time-consuming details such as installments with interest, pledges and sureties etc. In Finansevim, which provides this sense of trust offered by a bank without such extra details, you can buy a house with promissory note. You can buy your house with payment plans most suitable for you with or without making down payment.
Finansevim’s House Buying Models with promissory note
With three different building saving models, Finansevim allows you to buy your own house with promissory note.
To buy a house with Free Payment Model, you can pay some part of your saving amount and reduce your burden of installments. With any amount of promissory notes, you can determine your own allocation date by a contract based on mutual legal assurances. You make every decision while buying a house with Finansevim.
>In Mid-Term Model, you can freely restructure your payments with promissory note. When you face financial difficulties, you can defer your payments; and you can resume your payments when you have financial comfort again. In the contrary cases when you have any extra income or when you receive a considerable amount of money, you will be entitled to pay off your promissory notes and finish all the installments. In this model, you can freely prefer to make or not to make down payment. When you pay off all your debts and obligations, you can benefit from other saving models offered by Finansevim. When you buy your house with the privilege, convenience and safety offered by Finansevim, you will certainly want to experience it again.
In Drawing Model, you first prefer any of the options with or without down payment and the amounts of the promissory notes to be paid are determined by you. Thus, you can buy your house without paying any interest. In this model, the date on which you can use your saving amount is determined with a draw to be performed in the presence of a notary. Following the saving allocation, you can use your saving amount and buy your house in the next month. With such saving allocation, your instalment amounts are fixed.

with building saving model

To buy a house with a promissory note with Finansevim, you can visit website or call 444 6 379 and ask all your questions. Furthermore, you can select your province and district from the list available of our website and find our closest branch to you and have one on one interview with our colleagues who offer service with great eagerness to make you reach the house in your dreams.

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