To Become A Homeowner By Instalments

To become a homeowner does not require years of savings anymore. Those who wish to buy a house by installments free of interest can easily reach the privileges they need in Finansevim. It is quite easy to own the house in your dreams with reliable opportunities offered by Finansevim, a registered trade mark in 28 countries. As a reliable leading company, Finansevim makes a large number of people homeowners by installments.

To Become A Homeowner By Instalments 

To buy a house like paying rents is the best investment for you and for your family. Finansevim is the right place where you can reach this goal with safe and appropriate payment plans but without paying interest.

In Finansevim, you can buy your house according to your income level and with the payment plans most suitable for you without paying interest. With Housing Finance Package customized for our customers with no interest, delay interest or down payment, you can take a step to own your home without concerning for the future.
Things you need to do to buy a house by installments The first step to buy a house by installments must be to decide on the house that you want to buy. Find the house in your dreams and determine your budget according to the price of the house. Then, make your monthly payment plans, namely your installments. When you start your payments with or without down payment, you can reach your house in a short time.

-Finansevim offers three saving models for those who want to buy a house by installments:

1: Drawing Model

-The stages of Drawing Model which offers the opportunity to buy a house without paying interest are as follows:

In Drawing Model, you first decide on your saving amount. After you decide on your saving amount, whether 80.000 TL, 150.000 TL or more in accordance with the price of the house that you want to buy, you can prefer any of the models with or without down payment. After you determine the down payment method, you select the maturity term. You will determine the monthly installment amounts to be paid. You can prefer any of the groups which consist of 18-24-36-48-60-84-120-180-240-360 people. –Then you will sign the contract based on mutual legal assurances.
Your saving allocation date will be determined with a draw to be performed in the presence of a notary. Thus, you can use the amount that you need on that allocation date. Following such saving allocation, your instalment amounts are fixed and you can make your payments easily until the liquidation of your debt. In this model, you can prepare your allocation documents within the month you are drawn and reach your house in the following month.

2: Mid-Term Model

In this world where we cannot foresee the financial difficulties and disruptions in payment plans; Finansevim feels empathy with those who dream of being homeowners and offer the opportunity to defer or restructure the installments.
The stages of Mid-Term Model are as follows:
First, you decide on the budget of the house that you want to buy such as 80.000, 150.000, 250.000 TL or more. After you prefer the model with or without down payment in accordance with your budget status, you will select the installment amount and maturity period which is the most suitable for you according to your income level.
In Mid-Term Model, your allocation date is notified to you during the signature of the contract based on mutual legal assurances. You are entitled to freely restructure your installments and payment plan within payment period. All installments amounts are fixed before and after the allocation. However, if you have a financial comfort, you can make early payment for all your debts and obligations and benefit from our new models again or you can also defer your installment payments and resume your payments when you have a financial comfort again.
Model 3: Free Payment Model
To buy your house in Free Payment Model, the only thing you need to do is to decide on your budget and determine your saving amount. In this model, you pay some part of your saving amount in advance. Furthermore, in Free Payment Model, delivery date is determined by you.

Advantageous of buying a house like paying rents

High cost of living, especially in metropolitans like Istanbul, may not provide appropriate conditions to own your house with your own savings. Finansevim offers for all Turkish citizens the opportunity to buy a house by installments in anywhere in Turkey. For instance, you just need to find the house that you want to buy and determine your budget and payment plan to buy a house in Istanbul. On your allocation date, we conduct appraisal for your house; if there is no issue posing risk for you and for fund participants, you can securely receive your titled deed.


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