Protection of Personal Data


1. Those who visit this website have been informed as per the Clarification Form available in ( and relevant articles of the Law on Protection of the Personal Data. By filling in and approving this form, they will be deemed to have been informed that the personal data can be recorded, stored, processed, transferred, deleted, destroyed or anonymized for the purposes below in line with the procedures and principles set forth below and further read, understood and accepted this form consisting of 3 pages and 11 articles.

2. This disclosure is made by FİNANSEVİM GAYRİMENKUL OTOMOTİV İLETİŞİM ORGANİZASYON PAZARLAMA SANAYİ VE TİCARET A.Ş. (hereinafter shall be referred to as “Company”) within the scope of the disclosure obligation of the Data Controller regulated in Article 10 of the Law No: 6698 on the Protection of the Personal Data.

3. Recording of the Personal Data: - Your personal data specified below are recorded and stored in personal data inventory as mentioned in our Policy on personal data. 1. Name 2. Surname 3. Province, District 4. Mobile Phone Number 5. E-mail address

4. How your personal data are collected and stored? -Your website visitor information is collected through google analytics, social media, digital marketing channels and similar methods and the personal data you entered in the communication form are transferred to and stored in our database using secure methods.

5. Processing of the Personal Data - Your personal data are processed for the purposes below. 

5.1. To submit evidences to the courts and public prosecution offices and institutions authorized by law in the event of violation of the regulation of Turkish Criminal Law, Law of Misdemeanor, Code of Obligations, Turkish Commercial Code, Labor Law, Law No: 5651, Law No: 5549 Regarding the Prevention of Laundering of Crime Revenues,

5.2. To determine, investigate and prevent the violations of Company Policy or Standards,

5.3. To manage, administer and conduct the services in main area of activity of the Company and to centralize the date,

5.4. To fulfil the contractual obligations of the Company,

5.5. To analyze the data and enhance the services on website, -

5.6. To offer faster and more efficient service for those who fill in the communication form,

6. Deletion, Destruction and Anonymization of the Personal Data: Such data in our personal data inventory shall be stored as mentioned in Company Policies for the periods prescribed in relevant legislation or as long as the purpose of processing is valid and shall be deleted at the end of such period.

7. Transferring of the Personal Data; The Company may transfer your personal data to the persons and institutions specified below.

7.1. Board of Directors and Executive Board of the Company

7.2. Relevant Departments of the Company

7.3. Law Enforcement Officers

7.4. Courts

7.5. Prosecution Offices

7.6. Institutions authorized by law

8. Security of the Personal Data: The Company takes any technical and administrative measures to ensure the appropriate level of security for the personal data as mentioned in our Information Security Policy and Policy on Protection of Personal Data.

8.1. To prevent the unlawful processing of the personal data

8.2. To prevent unlawful access to the personal data

8.3. To ensure the protection of the personal data.

9. Your rights:

As long as your personal data are processed by the Company, you will have the right;

a) to learn whether your personal data is already processed or not, to learn the purpose of processing of your personal data, and whether your personal data is used for the intended purposes or not;

b) to learn and know the identity of third parties to whom your personal data is disclosed or transferred at home or abroad; and,

c) if your personal data is processed incompletely or inaccurately, to request correction or completion of them,

d) if and when the causes requiring data processing are no more valid and existing, to request deletion or destruction of your personal data,

e) to request that third parties to whom their personal data is disclosed or transferred be informed about your requests mentioned in sub-articles (c) and (d) above and not to repeat such transactions again and

f) to raise objections against probable results against your interests through analysis of the processed personal data solely and exclusively through automatic means and systems; and If you suffer damages and losses due to unlawful or illegal processing of your personal data, to claim indemnification of your damages and losses.

10. Disclosure by the Data Controller:

As Company and its business partners whose detailed corporate information are provided below, we will use your personal data acting in the capacity of the Data Controller as per the Law No: 6698 on Protection of the Personal Data.

11. Application Procedure to Data Controller: Personal Data Owners can submit their requests on their rights mentioned in the Law in writing by using the KVK application form available on website (delivery by hand with identity validation and through notary) or using Registered Electronic Mail (REM) address, Secured Electronic Signature, Mobile Signature or electronic mail address which was previously notified to and registered in the Data Controller’s system.


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