The Interest Free Finance Model based on Savings

The Interest Free Finance Model based on Savings
It’s very easy to have a car or a house with Finansevim Saving Systems.

The Financing Model Based on Savings suitable for all Budgets.

As Finansevim , the first question we asked ourselves was how can we meet the needs of our citizens in an adventageous way without paying interest such as buying a house , a car or a plot and even needs like marriage and education. While doing this our priority was designing solutions that adresses to all income groups.

We analyzed all models in use and thought that we can appply the Financing System based on Savings which provides solutions in terms of giving options and trustworthy all over the world. We re-inforced this system according to current household budget data with our strong team consisting financing specialists who are famous in their field and lead the way to a model which has advantages and means special to Finansevim.

Even though our first aim was supporting our citizens’ right to live in their own houses, in our socio-cultural analysis we saw that the need is much more of this and we re-planned our models according to various needs from cars to education.

We are the first users of memberhip without bondsman which can be a security revolution in sector. With one of the leading solutions of our system , payment system without rental cost , we ended high cost payments done under the name of rental costs and served a payment option without rental cost based on savings.

Not over yet!
We have done another initial for the sector.

As Finansevim we took a huge management risk, the participation fees which had been received in advance are taken as fund participation fees in partial payments. Near the opportunity of installment we serve the choice of limitless pay break instead of a certain period.

Thinking that great needs are clear but small needs never end ,we gave short-range and advantegous oppurtunities for all special needs from health to education.

Shortly, everything is ready for realizing your dreams in Finansevim.

Be a member of our family,that’s all!

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