Remaining as a hirer or Having a house?

Turkish nation cares about the future and wants to guarantee it. For this reason, in general definition real estate purchases are among the most preferred investments. But it is not so easy for citizens to buy an estate or house today. And this results in being in two minds staying as a leaseman or buying a house. So, which system is more advantageous?

Is Remaining as a hirer advantageous?

This is a fact that individuals insisting on remaining as a hirer has different reasons. Firtly, the advance payments procurement from high interest bank credits is one of the reasons. In addition to this ,people want to live in different places insists on staying as a hirer. But as a result of a mathematical computing we see that having a house is more advantageus than staying as a hirer. Because hires being paid for a long time can be used to buy houses so these amounts go for waste.

Is it so hard to have a house?

Buying a house by installment with Finansevim

Finansevim is a leader in Saving Based Purchase systems. Participants suitable request is enough to buy a house without interest and advance money. The citizens who filled out the form on the website need to wait for call back by officers. The way of buying a house without mid payments is open now in case of an agreement in first talk. Beside, the method in buying a plot is the same with houses. In this way, staying as a hirer isn’t a must.