You may face financial difficulties at any time! You can defer your installments or restructure your payments.

I have read and accept the Clarification Text on Protection of Personal Data.

What is Mid-term Model?

Determining The Budget

For example 80.000 – 150.000 – 250.000 TLs or much more. After defining the price, choose advance money model if you have, if you don’t choose no advance payment model.

Choose Your Due Date

Determine how much you will pay per month according to your budget.

Defining The Delivery Date

In this model the delivery date is shared with you at the moment of agreement. If you want during the period you can freely reconstruct the installments or payment plan.

Margin of Finansevim
280.000,00 TL
Margin of Interest System
1.152.585,00 TL
Your Profit
872.585,00 TL
*These calculations don’t show the final outcome. In order to get detailed info please contact.

Now, it is time to decide the saving amount for the house that you wish to buy. After you determine the saving amount, you can choose any of the models with or without down payment. Now, it is time to determine the monthly instalment amount that you can pay. Then we can sign our contract based on mutual legal assurances. Welcome to our family. In this model, your allocation date is notified when you sign the contract. You can freely restructure your instalments and payment plan during the period. All your payments are fixed before and after the allocation.
If you wish, you can make early payment for all your obligations and benefit from our new models again. And you can also suspend your instalment payments and resume your payments at any time you want.

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I have read and accept the Clarification Text on Protection of Personal Data.