The Director’s Message
Turkey's Building Saving System
We are out for being the most innovative Saving Based Financing Association in Türkiye ,touch the lives of those who says I want to have a car or a house and share their hapiness.

The financing model which has been actively used in real estate sector in Europe for about 200 years, Bauspar in the words of German people, is in Turkey now. Building Saving Model …

Bauspar is a closed circuit financing model which enables the people to make savings at specific intervals for the purchase of any house or real estate property and to use credit and purchase such real estate with lower costs than currently available tools in the market (bank loans, mortgage etc.) when such deposits turn into sufficient savings. Building-Saving Funds shares similarities with the operations of the institutions which are called as “Evim” sector institutions and which operate in our country since 2000s.

Having been founded by me and joined in “Evim” sector in 2017 as 4th firm in the sector, Finansevim designs its operations in compliance with Building-Saving Funds implemented abroad as one of the leading institutions supporting the regulation. Accordingly, Turkish Building Savings Association has been officially founded by me and started its operations in 2020 to provide organization between institutions and organizations and to follow sectoral threats and regulations.

When this closed circuit banking system, which has been successfully implemented in European countries for centuries and which comprises 42,5% of total housing purchases in Europe as of today, is completely implemented and used in Turkey, it will help to overcome the housing oversupply in Turkey in the current situation and get our people to gain a saving habit.

When suitable legal ground is provided for this model which comes into prominence as a significant factor to bring under-the-mattress saving into economy, it will be the project of the century to be offered for the service of our country with its growth potential as a financing model which is alternative to current banking system and high interest rates.

We will work with might and main to develop innovative future projects for 2023 and 2030 vision, to own and protect national and moral values and to achieve phenomenal successes which will contribute to the future of the world.

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