Human Values
As Finansevim, we strongly appreciate the labor.We discover and contribute to the improvement of the capabilities of each family member under this roof.

We are a hard-working family!

As Finansevim, we strongly appreciate the labor. We discover and contribute to the improvement of the capabilities of each family member under this roof. Because, we know that the welfare of the individuals provides constructive effect to the society and then to the national economy. Finansevim is an important training campus for our employees. We provide in-sector and non-sector trainings for our employees and invest in their developments to make them individuals who believe in themselves, create value and derive benefit thereof.

We are always open to learning!

Each experience opens a door to a new information. We both take lessons from our practical field experiences and also reach the theoretical information and develop ourselves.

To become a family strengthens the unity!

The effort required to be made and time to be spent by a person in order to reach the success of a team are always higher than those of a team. Finansevim always supports the cooperation of the family members, promotes team empathy, encourages different ideas and opinions, guides for joint resolution, shares the available information, raises solution oriented consciousness rather than problems and enables the cooperation between teams.

Joining Finansevim Family

Recruitment process in Human Resources and Quality Directorate starts with the job applications made by the applicants. Our vacant positions are published on website. The candidates may fill in the application forms available on this website and in our branches to apply for a job. If the vacant positions match with the qualifications required, such applications will be evaluated and first elimination will be performed by the recruitment specialists of Human Resources department of Finansevim. After such elimination process, you will be invited for the first interview. If the first interview is positive, you will be eligible to be invited for a second interview. Then, if you accept the training to be received and our job offer, you will be a member of our family under the roof of Finansevim.

*Your applications are stored in Human Resources pool of Finansevim in line with the Law on Protection of Personal Data.

Training is everything!

Following the analysis and reporting of their needs, our colleagues joining our family start to receive trainings in Finansevim Campus, the first training center of the sector. Thus, loss of time is avoided for both parties. We use the training scenarios that we derived from the field experiences of our employees in training process of our new family members and thusly create a strong Organizational Memory. 

Vacant Positions

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