How To Buy A House With Finansevim?

Those who wish to buy a house search different methods by asking for the opinions of their homeowner friends around them or searching the internet. The most important point of their research is to find the method with no credit interest and which will not exceed their budget in monthly payments.

How to become a homeowner? 

Çekiliş Modeli

Let’s examine in details the easy and useful steps of buying a house with Finansevim.

To buy a house, you must first decide on the city and province in which you want to buy the house.
Then, decide on the number of rooms you need, prefer a balcony or garden, determine your wishes and necessities about the age and floors of the building and find the houses most appropriate for you with the information that you gathered from internet, newspapers, real estate agencies or your social circle.

Then, determine the amount that you can pay to buy a house. Now, narrow the house options according to your budget.

After you decide on all these points, all you need is to start the process with the reliability of Finansevim, a registered trade mark in 28 countries. You can select any of the saving models offered by Finansevim which will reduce your stress during the process of buying a house with the confidence and easy procedures offered.
If you have cash for a down payment to buy a house;

With Free Payment Model of Finansevim, you can select your saving and pay a certain part in advance. In this saving method, you can determine your allocation date yourself. Then, you can restructure the amount remaining after down payment according to your budget and can make the payment by installments and get your house.

- Finansevim has also two saving models that you can apply with or without down payment:

- One of them In Drawing Model, you can prefer the model with or without down payment after you decide on your saving amount. Next step is maturity selection. You can determine the monthly installment amounts and maturity period according to your budget. Following the signature of the contract based on legal assurances, saving allocation date will be determined with a draw to be performed in the presence of a notary. In this drawing, the date that you can use your saving is determined. Thus, you can use your savings on such allocation date. You can prepare your allocation documents and reach your house in the following month. Following such saving allocation, your instalment amounts are fixed and you can make your payments easily until the liquidation of your debt without paying any interest.

- Another model which you can prefer according to your cash position is Mid-Term Model In this model, you prefer the model with or without down payment after you decide on your saving budget. After you select the installment amount and maturity period which is the most suitable for you according to your income level, you can sign our contract based on legal assurances. The best side of Mid-Term model is the notification of your allocation date just after the signature of the contract. Furthermore, Mid-Term model offers you a great advantage: You can restructure your installments and payment plan within payment period. If you have a financial comfort, you can make early payment for all your debts and obligations. If you pay off your debts, you will be entitled to benefit from our new models again. In the contrary case if you have a financial difficulty, you can also defer your installment payments and resume your payments when you have a financial comfort again. - In Finansevim which provides the biggest support for buying the house in your dreams based on mutual trust, all you need to do is to decide on the saving model which is the most appropriate for your budget. Then, you can accumulate pleasure memories with the feeling of happiness to own a house.

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