Who are we?
We implement in Turkey the Building Saving System which has been implemented throughout the world.

Having believed the power of cooperation to achieve, we made thousands of people realize their dreams with Finansevim brand and devoted ourselves to continuous change and the development of universal principles at the national level. With our family growing and gaining experience each passing day; we have put into practice the Building-Saving Fund model which has been implemented in Europe since 17th century. At this point, we have been a strong representative of the building saving systems now. As it always has been, we continuously develop new solutions to the question “How can we enhance people’s purchasing power?” with our belief in rightness, transparency and professionalism.

Such foresightedness, innovation and continuous development culture helped our people to bring their savings together and develop alternative solutions to realize their dreams. From this point of view, positive contributions that we make to our country and environment have kept our hopes always alive.

With building saving system that we brought to Turkey, we help our people wishing to buy a house to make savings, provide loan independent of market conditions and enable them to reach their big goals with small investments. With this system that we brought to our country with the help of the most experienced friends in Turkey, we have been working nonstop for the purpose of realizing our country’s dreams and we move forward with our ever growing family.

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